Do #looks really matter? Is #perception really that important!? One looks at a person with #scar and they call it ugly without knowing the #pain behind it. It’s #judgement first and #questions later.

What one might consider an ugly reminder might just be a #battlescar, a reminder not of the time they lost and were in pain, but of the time they actually fought. 

The battle might have just been on the #border, a fight to protect the country, or it might have have nothing to do with the border at all and was fought to get rid of the #innerdemoms. A battle with oneself…a battle with people who fail to see you as your self. A scar is never about perception, it’s much much and much more. What we as an outsider do is just go by the surface and don’t see the battle/person below the surface. What you might perceive as ugly or scary, might just have been the most beautiful and meaningful thing in the others life.

So let’s not judge… let’s actually lend an ear…let’s actually listen…and you never know…you might actually learn something. -#AmaxS #35mm2HD 

#FYI the above picture is that of a pencil and thus the perception rant. 😉