Marvel’s first action hero movie that started it all; Captain America- The first Avenger is based on the life of American war hero Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) who went down fighting during the 2nd World War and woke up 70 years later to find the war has ended and life as he knew is over.


Every comic book addict who has read Cap’s story knows the above gist of Steve Rogers’ life, but what this movie does is that it brings the story of that lovable ‘little guy’ to life and tells it’s audience who exactly Captain America is and how did he come to be.

Setting the tone for almost every Marvel related TV show or movie that is going to come out over the next few years, this movie has gained Marvel an audience who are going to be hooked to their every release in the decades to come.


Captain America is a movie based in the early 1940’s when Steve Rogers turned from a skinny little guy to a tall ‘buffed’ American soldier who becomes the face of American hope as the world went to war.


From story’s prospective the movie just scratches on what will become Marvel’s most talked about and exploited storyline –HYDRA, but what it does brilliantly is provide a solid base to the story of every major character, be Captain America (Chris Evans); Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell); Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) or The Avengers.