While many visiting this page would know what 35mm stands for, I would still first prefer to start there and explain as to what does 35mm signify.

In layman’s term the word would just translate into 35 millimetres, but for a photographer and a videographer this is what gave start of an era, and resulted in providing passion and jobs to millions of people.

From photographers, to motion pictures makers, to current age videographers, to even you a random person reading this post; all have a special respect for this 35mm film gauge as it not only provided you the digital world you are living in right now, but also because it gave you a medium to capture few rare moments of your memories that you will end up cherishing for life.

Now moving to HD, it’s the latest baby of the fast moving ‘35mm world.’ While technology started to go Hi- Def (High Definition) by early 1990’s, it has advanced so much in the last two decades that it would now be hard to find a home which doesn’t have any High Definition (audio or video) equipment present there.

My aim through this site is to close that gap between the two eras and become a place where people from both generations can find something to cherish.