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– Capturing finer details of life

This #world has all the #Time one needs yet it never stops to acknowledge it, nor does it ever pause to go at the same pace as the other one does. 

– #35mm2HD


When you get served a very strong coffee in a uniquely bizarre way. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ β˜•οΈβ˜•οΈ

Do #looks really matter? Is #perception really that important!? One looks at a person with #scar and they call it ugly without knowing the #pain behind it. It’s #judgement first and #questions later.

What one might consider an ugly reminder might just be a #battlescar, a reminder not of the time they lost and were in pain, but of the time they actually fought. 

The battle might have just been on the #border, a fight to protect the country, or it might have have nothing to do with the border at all and was fought to get rid of the #innerdemoms. A battle with oneself…a battle with people who fail to see you as your self. A scar is never about perception, it’s much much and much more. What we as an outsider do is just go by the surface and don’t see the battle/person below the surface. What you might perceive as ugly or scary, might just have been the most beautiful and meaningful thing in the others life.

So let’s not judge… let’s actually lend an ear…let’s actually listen…and you never know…you might actually learn something. -#AmaxS #35mm2HD 

#FYI the above picture is that of a pencil and thus the perception rant. πŸ˜‰

#ForgottenMemories – I was once pride of a family man, now I lay #forgotten and in despair. #Time has consumed me and played havoc, the child that once played upon me is long gone and never resumed. I now lay only in #memories, of an forgotten time that bring #nostalgia and talk about regressive #technology. The #pride is gone and people have changed, but I still lay here in despair and in great pain. -#AmaxS #35mm2HD 

#MemoirsofMemories #Scooter

#NightGuards who work for a little#food and lots of #love.

 #PuppyLove πŸΆπŸΆπŸ•πŸΆπŸ•πŸΆ

This was my view when I was waiting in line to get to the top of Taipei 101 building in Taipei, Taiwan. πŸŒ‡πŸ™οΈ

Fond this beautiful girl πŸ• on the road soaking up the SunπŸ–οΈ. Was worried about the fact that she was not being taken care of because of the filthy fur but then I saw the food, water and the bed provided to her just nearby. 

Guess she just hates bathing. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‰

Built in #Delhi, India, the #IndiaGate has names of many fallen #heroes carved on this monument, to honor them for making the ultimate sacrifice for one’s country.πŸ’‚πŸ’‚


When you get a feeling that you are being watched and find this little guy staring at you from under a car.

But when you notice, he becomes least interested in meeting you.

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